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Summer ‘19 EP #1: Wheeler Dealers - Defenders; Lo Celso; Draxler; Rose

June 12, 2019

Plot: Host and transfer target specialist The General” Franco Parker (ST holder), just back from his holiday in Spain, and the Champions League final, gets straight into discussing potential transfer targets. Hopeful speculation and lots of opinions on who should come in and go out here, on this second installment of our summer transfer pods. The team discuss who could replace Trippier or Aurier (depending on who you’d like to see the back of most), as well as looking at potential home grown CB replacements for Toby if he does actually leave this summer. Additionally, current rumours from this week, including Lo Celso, Draxler and yet another Danny Rose interview are scrutinised.

Crew: Franco is joined by a multinational, and multilingual crew of podders made up of Aviva Summers, social media manager of Atlanta Spurs (4th generation Spurs supporter whose great grandad went to the Lane in the 1910’s / 20’s); “the Harlow Globetrotter” Lloyd Stiles from Vienna (ex-commentator and head analyst in the Cheese Room); and the lovable serial pest and opinion merchant, a.k.a “the Caller”, Owen Culshaw from ‘up north’.

PRODUCTION: The show was produced, recorded and edited by Franco; cover art and design by Mr. Jolly. 

The pod contains samples from Ja_passat_el_temps by the Silvia Tomas Trio which is licensed under CC BY 3.0