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Ep #43 CL Semi on a Tuesday Night!

April 30, 2019

PLOT SUMMARY: While Man City watch Emerdale we'll be hosting a "CL Semi on a Tuesday night" Yaaaas!

Part 1:  WEST HAM talking points & Qs for the PODDERS:

  • How confident are you about Top 4?
  • Rose in MF. Foyth at RB discussed.
  • Where should Son and Dele play?
  • Pochettino’s substitutions.
  • Qs for podders: How many replica shirts do you own? And more…

PART 2: AJAX talking points & TRANSFERS: From 23.57

  • Are you feeling confident about the game/tie?
  • How should we line up?
  • Could Troy Parrot get called up for the bench?
  • Would you play Moura up front alone? Or with Llorente?
  • Deal with the Devil: Would you take a 1-0 win, or even a 0-0 now for the first leg, if offered?  


Josh Hill from Little Rock Spurs in Arkansas, USA, which became an official supporters club just this season, talks about his relatively new found love of Spurs. This love affair started somewhat esoterically in 2012, when Chelsea knocked us out of the CL by beating Bayern Munich. A London based Spurs supporting mate helped him see the light. He says he loves us, in part, because he admires sporting teams that do things the right way!

Josh also shares this great quote… “It’s easy to get passionate with Tottenham. Other clubs you just go through the motions. But with Tottenham you just want to learn more. You want to engross yourself with everything the club does. Every kick. Every blow of the ref's whistle. You gotta live and die on it!” He also shares the tale of how was on Jeopardy for 7 nights in a row, and won US $160,000 for his efforts. That’s enough for a season ticket for life and a boat load of cheese too!

CAST of characters:

Host Vlad from Russia is joined by analyst extraordinaire, the Harlow Globetrotter from Austria; season ticket holder Franco “the General” Parker from London, and “the Caller“ Owen Culshaw from Midlands in the UK. Special guest, and renowned “journalist”, Dave Bolton, from Boston Spurs in the USA joins to discuss the Ajax game in Part 2. Finally Jeopardy champion, Josh Hill from Little Rock Spurs joins Franco and Paul Fellowes (OzSpurs) for Faces in the Crowd.  

The pod was produced by Mr. Jolly (Sydney OzSpurs), Paul Fellowes, and the Cheese Room Podcasters; was edited by Paul and Mr. J; with cover art by the mememeister, Matthew Hookey from up north in the UK.