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Ep #45: Poching the Cherries (Preview Pod)

May 3, 2019


In this episode we preview the Bournemouth game, using these talking points / questions as our sharp instrument:

  1. What do the stats tell us about our opponent and theoretically how difficult will it be to beat them?
  2. Who are their key players? Includes deep dive into Ryan Fraser, the shortest player in the PL, but a man who provides a higher proportion of assists to his team’s goals that any other player in the PL.
  3. Which Cherries should we try to pluck for next season? Fraser, Callum Wilson, Josh King???
  4. How much should / can we rotate for the game?  FB’s? Jan / Toby? Son???
  5. Listener questions: What striker should we sign as a Kane back-up? Should we sell Trippier, or Aurier, or KWP? Why do some people want to get rid of Eric Dier? (well he isn’t home grown I guess).


Host Mr. Jolly at The University of Sydney, and the Sydney OzSpurs, is joined by “the Padre” Nick Kersten from the Cheese Head state of Wisconsin (USA); Atlanta Spurs social media manager, Aviva Summers (USA); “the indefatigable season ticket holder” Simon J Burrows (London); and last but not least, some know him as the “Northern Dandy”, but we know him as “the Caller”, he’s Owen Culshaw… and in equal measure, he’s the most loathed, and loved man, north of Norwich. GTF in there. COYS! TTWD!  


-Episode produced by Mr. Jolly, Paul Fellowes and the Cheese Room podders.

-Edited by Paul Fellowes.

-Cover concept and design Matthew Hookey (GGTH FB); with Mr. Jolly.


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