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Ep #46 Criminal Collapse Against Rotten Cherries

May 7, 2019

🎙POD BLURB AND CREW: “The General” Franco Parker (ST holder) takes the host chair after a bloody coup d'etat forced out Mr. Jolly and his Russian comrade in arms Vlad. Gen. Franco is joined by his revolutionary Yiddo cadres, Aviva “IcePick” Summers from Atlanta Spurs; Minister of Propaganda, “the indefatigable ST holder” Simon J Burrows (London); as well as his hatchet man with a luger, the Cheese Room’s much loathed opinion merchant, “the Caller” Jurgen Culshaw (hailing from parts unknown up norf!). They will discuss all the key talking points from the Cherries game, including our dog shite finishing, their teenage keeper who must have been high as a kite; the dodgy referee, dire Dier, silly Son, facking foolish Foyth, and who the fackin’ hell is Kaiser Soze???  

Then in Part 2 Franco continues his Faces in the Crowd USA tour in a Winnebago, and is joined by the caller as they interview Keith Mainland from Colorado Spurs. He’s originally from the UK, where he played for Farnborough Town, then moved to the US many moons ago. What an interesting fella he is, with a very unique hybrid accent too. Enjoy!

PS. Arsenal have gone and blown it….. hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha


-Episode produced by Mr. Jolly (Sydney OzSpurs) and “the General” Francis Parker (London) with the Cheese Room Spurs.

-Edited by Franco and Mr. Jolly.

-Cover design by Luke Harper from Tottenham OzSpur; concept by Luke and Mr. Jolly.