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Ep #48 Miracle Moura Leads Spurs to Madrid

May 11, 2019

🎙In Part 1, Host Shehzad Haque from Singapore (Fox Sports Football Asia host) steps into the host chair and is joined by Mr. Jolly (Sydney OzSpurs); analyst the “Harlow Globetrotter” Lloyd Stiles from Vienna; opinion merchant, the Caller “Owen Culshaw” from up Norf in England; and deposed guest host Franco “the General” Parker from London in his luxury jail cell. They discuss all the big picture topics coming out of the game:

  • What does it all mean? How did it feel?
  • How historic was that victory? (stats)
  • What next? Can we DO Liverpool?
  • Tactics in the game.
  • The good (Moura, Llorente, Dele) and the bad (Wanyama, Trippier?, Son???)

🎙In Part 2 “Moments, Memes and Magic” from 40.17, Shez is joined by 4th generation Spurs fan, Aviva Summers from Atlanta Spurs; alongside her dear brother Benni from Boston, with the Caller and Mr. Jolly chippin in too. They run through this list:

  • Moura’s winner: Sissoko floats a long ball, Llorente one touch outside of his foot, Dele one touch pass, Moura hits it…
  • Kane’s speech at half time… and Kane for the final?
  • Moura’s 2nd goal… dancing with the ball (4 magic touches)
  • Ziyek hit the post / just wide (late on)
  • Vertonghen hits the bar
  • Llorente biscuit tin of header on 93 mins. We looked done!
  • The noise of the Ajax fans  (and them going quiet too)
  • Time wasting coming back to bite them on the arse
  • Viral stuff
    • Hoddle and Rio and Linker (Hod’s heart)
    • Changing room lads (sing Wonderwall)
    • Lamela shouting (when he tried to dribble out of defense)
    • Danny Rose and Poch having a beer on the pitch.
    • Poch doing we’re not worthy to the fans.


  • Episode produced by Mr. Jolly (Sydney OzSpurs) and Shehzad Haque (Singapore) with the Cheese Room Spurs.
  • Edited by Mr. Jolly.
  • Cover design by Luke Harper from Tottenham OzSpur; concept by Luke and Mr. Jolly.