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Ep #51: Would Have Bitten Ya Hand Off for Top 4! (Mini Season Review)

May 19, 2019

PLOT: Host Shez (from Singapore) asks the crew if they were happy overall with where we finished in the PL? They discuss our mixed results, and performances against the top 6. He also asks the crew about our best and worst performances; which players excelled (Sissoko, Winks, Son et al) and which disappointed, in some ways at least (Trippier, Sanchez, Foyth, Toby?). The impact of our spate of injuries are also mentioned of course. Aviva also points out that, well, if we win the CL, then the 4th place finish given our injuries should be applauded even more. The crew are also asked for their opinion on Poch’s season and there’s a long riff from everyone on this point. Finally, there’s a brief dip into the potential transfer waters too.   

CREW: TV broadcaster / host from Singapore, Shez Haque is joined by our head analyst “the Harlow Globetrotter” Lloyd Stiles from Vienna; Atlanta Spurs social media manager Aviva Summers; as well as Season Ticket holder extraordinaire and Faces in the Crowd host, “the General” Francis Parker. 

PRODUCTION: The show was produced and curated by Mr. Jolly in Sydney with help from the Cheese Room Podcasters; audio was edited by Gen. Francis Parker; with pod cover design by Mr. Jolly himself.