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Ep #52: The Thing I Love Most is Going to Madrid

May 21, 2019

PLOT:  In the first of 3 preview pods leading up to our historic champions league final in Madrid, the podders reflect on how many times they’ve watched Moura’s goal, and some of them suggest it was “lucky”, before being shouted down by Mr. Jolly who says it’s the “greatest goal ever”!! What do you think? Was it really all about luck?

We also discuss the big question of how and where we’re watching. Francis, who has a ticket to the game, explains his convoluted approach to arriving in Madrid on the day of the game just an hour before kick off; Mr. Jolly is flying in from Singapore with Shehzad Haque (the sometime Cheese Room host) who he’s never met in person, and will be covering the Fan Zones. On a related tack, we discuss the horrible process of trying to buy a ticket online, and wonder how much we’d pay for a ticket. What about you? What’s a reasonable price to buy/sell a ticket for? How much would you pay?

The plot thickens when we hear about Franco’s mate who doesn’t have a flight home, and plans to get deported instead. Moreover, Mr. Jolly shares more details of the fanzone itself, and we discuss what the Spanish police might be like. Will they behave? And what will they do if Mr. Jolly jumps in the fountain in Colon Square a.k.a Christopher Columbus Square?  

CAST: Host Mr. Jolly in Sydney, is joined by “the General” Francis Parker from London; Nick “The Preacher Man” Kersten from the cheese-head state of Wisconsin; and last but not least, hailing from parts unknown up north, opinion merchant and drunken call-in pest, Owen “the Caller” Culshaw.

PRODUCTION: The episode was produced by Mr. Jolly and the Cheese Room Podcasters; edited by legendary OzSpurs geezer, Paul Fellowes; with cover art and design by Mr. Jolly himself.