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Ep #59: Champs League Final (Part 2): In Depth Review

June 12, 2019

PLOT: In this final episode of season 1 of the Cheese Room Podcast, the Trans Atlantic / European crew give their views on the final in Madrid, including how and why we came up short. They argue about the Moura-Kane selection issues; discuss the penalty and who was at fault; discuss which players if any shone bright for us, (spoiler alert - Danny Rose), then end the show by discussing the Eriksen situation. There's also more audio from inside the stadium and a few words from Mr. Jolly to open and close the show.  

CAST: The "indefatigable season ticket holder" Simon J Burrows from London steps into the host's chair and is joined by Cheese Room's head analyst, "the Harlow Globetrotter" Lloyd Stiles; Aviva Summers from Atlanta Spurs in the USA; and a man still recovering from ending up passed out in his garden after the final whistle in Madrid, having been chased out of his ManCave by dirty red scouse... "the Caller" Owen Culshaw.    

PRODUCTION: The show was produced by Mr. Jolly, Simon J Burrows, and the Cheese Room podcasters; edited by Mr. Jolly in Sydney, with cover by Mr. J too.  

NOTE: For the rest of the summer there'll be special episodes of our transfer talk show called "The Wheeler Dealers" hosted by the General Francis Parker (long time ST holder, London), with guests from around the world. There'll also be debate shows hosted by Mr. Jolly in Sydney; Shehzad in Singapore; and Simon in London. COYS and we're TTWD. Bye for now and be well. 

***RIP to Justin Edinburgh. You'll be sadly missed mate!