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Ep #44: Could be Worse Could be Red Scouse!

May 3, 2019


The podders discuss the Ajax game in great detail, and we hear lots of shoutouts from the 1000 Spurs Fans massive via polls on our FB page to prompt discussions on the following topics:

  • 1. Are you feeling confident about the 2nd leg?
  • 2. How much did we miss Son?   
  • 3. Did things get better mostly because of the tactical change after Jan went off, or was it because Moussa Sissoko is the GOAT?
  • 4. To Llorente, or not to Llorente, and if we do why can’t we play to his strengths more?
  • 5. Dele v Eriksen - who was most off their game?
  • 6. Trippier v Foyth - who should start in the 2nd leg?

Other things: Simon explains who Torvill and Dean were for our younger listeners when talking about the Son poll; Owen has had 4 stiff drinks by the end and he and Mr. Jolly get into a bit of virtual biffo over the Juan Foyth v Trippier debate.


In this episode host Mr. Jolly from Sydney OzSpurs is joined Aviva from Atlanta Spurs; “the Indefatigable ST holder” Simon J Burrows, and Franco “the General” Parker from London; as well as… hailing from parts unknown “the Caller” Owen Culshaw.