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S2 E71 - Exitsen (Midweek Show)

January 29, 2020

S2 E71 - Exitsen (The Midweek Show)

PLOT: In this special episode the podders break down the impact of “Exitsen”. Host Paul asks Mr. Jolly and Vlad for their initial emotional reactions before we get a deep dive into the rise, fall and legacy of CE23 with the Cheese Room’s resident analysts HG and Seb. They discuss the magic memories and regrets, and also wonder about his place in the Spurs pantheon. Higher or lower than Modric, Ginola, VDV? HG talks about Eriksen's impact on other players especially Dele Alli. While Seb decries the massive drop-off in Eriksen’s form this season and suggests that something happened behind the scenes that really upset him last summer... what was he promised? Moreover, did his move fall through because Dybala fell through? HG asks "What can we expect now he's gone?" Seb talks about us signing 3 of the most wanted young footballers in the world. HG compares Gedson to Sissoko, Lo Celso to Eriksen and Ndombele to Dembele... the future is bright the future is lilywhite... maybe, right? Finally Mr. Jolly and Vlad engage in an Eriksen related rap battle. Drop your fackin’ mikes, and let’s get ready to rumble!

CAST: Paul Fellowes (OzSpurs, formerly a 90’s ST holder from London), is joined by Mr. Jolly, the Cheese Room founder and Sydney harbour swimmer (Sydney OzSpurs), with the always special guest Vlad of Siberia Spurs, with a special segment by The Harlow Globetrotter (Vienna) and Sebastian Short (UK).  

PRODUCTION: The pod was produced by Mr. Jolly, Paul Fellowes and the Cheese Room podders, based on FB feature article by Seb, edited by Mr. J and Paul, with cover design Luke Harper of from a Mr. J concept. 

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