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S2 E53 - Wolves (A) Preview

Plot/Cast: Aviva (Atlanta Spurs), is joined by Shawn Williacy (Toronto Spurs) and newcomer Jarrett Maki, of Detroit Spurs to look ahead to Wolves this weekend. We consider some Wolves players to watch out for, their tendency to score a lot of goals in second halves, and ponder the possibility of Foyth at CDM. In addition, Jarrett is nudged into ruminating on the origins of his awesome name and Aviva gets a lesson on Canadian thanksgiving.

Production: The show was produced by Aviva and the Americas Cheese Room crew; and was edited by Aviva, with cover design by her too.

S2 E52 - Lessons learned in Munich?

PLOT: In his post match interview Mourinho said that he had 'learned a lot' from the 3-1 loss to Bayern Munich, what exactly that was we'll have to wait and see.  The podders look at what could be learned from a game with several changes and key players missing.  We hear what the away day experience was like from our man on the ground SJB, and a Siberian madman rants about Eriksen.

CREW: Brendan McGerty (Brazil Spurs) hosts with Gary Stevens (Spurs Legend) giving his critical insight.  Simon J Burrows (ST Holder)  gives us the run down on the away day experience in Munich and Vlad (Siberia) hacks into the pod to rant a bit.

PRODUCTION: Produced, Recorded and Edited by Brendan.  Cover design by Brendan.

S2 E51 - Sensational Sonaldo

PLOT: The Podders review the sensational 5-0 win against Burnley.  This performance was like night and day compared to midweek and the reaction to the poor performance is welcome.  The podders gush over how amazing sons goal was, as well as pointing out just how hot Kane has actually been this season.  They also look forward to the Bayern game and discuss whether we should expect to see some of the fringe players getting minutes as Jose sticks with consistency in the league.

CREW: Franco (ST Holder, London) hosts and is joined by Brendan McGerty from Brazil Spurs and Glen Whall (Tottenham resident) from the Facebook page/group Spurs Updates.

PRODUCTION: Produced, Recorded and Edited by Franco.  Cover design by Franco

S2 E50 - Burnley Preview

Plot: Aviva is back from finishing off Thanksgiving leftovers to preview this weekend's match as we welcome Burnley to N17. She is joined by the one and only Dave Bolton (Boston Spurs); and making his Americas Cheeseroom debut, from Stamford Spurs in Connecticut, Mr. Stefano Michelagnoli! (Aviva doesn’t even try to pronounce it, can you?). We look at our record against the Clarets and ponder whether we might see the return of "one Aaron Lennon". Also, we look at the Spurs midfield and Dave finally gives us his, his long-awaited thoughts, on Jose. Strap in! 
Production: The episode was produced by Aviva, Brendan and the Americas Cheese Room crew; edited by Aviva, with cover design by Aviva too. 

S2 E49 - Arrogance cost us?

PLOT: Dele said in his post match interview that arrogance may have cost us and Jose said that maybe we were complacent.  One thing is for sure, we were pretty bad.  The Jose revolution came to a sudden halt as we lost 2-1 away to his former club, Man Utd.  The Podders discuss the game in detail, looking at the major talking points and pointing the finger of blame at our right sided defensive players.  Gary gives us some positives as only he can and Mr Jolly eats some humble pie as he reflects on his pre-game predictions.

CREW: Franco (ST Holder, London) gets to host a midweek show for once and is joined by Podcast founder Mr Jolly (Oz Spurs) and Spurs Legend and UEFA cup winner Mr Gary Stevens.

PRODUCTION: Produced by Mr Jolly, Recorded and Edited by Franco.

S2 E48 - Lads It’s Man United

Plot: This episode is set to the backdrop of the wheels falling off Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s Manchester United bus. Meanwhile, Jose rolls up in his Ferrari with Dele Alli riding shotgun and giving them the bird, while both of them shout “Bus Wankers” at their dodgy gaffer, injured wantaway bandit Paul Pogba, and the super-mega-fugly Phil Jones (who’s pulling one of them faces). The podders discuss some of Man Utd’s dodgy players, whether OGS will make it past the next two games if he loses them, their formations, tactics and threats, and ask if they actually have a midfield. Our own potential lineup, and tactics are discussed too of course, and there’s also time for listener questions from the Cheese Heads via our Facebook page post.

Cast: Legendary OzSpurs organiser, longtime season ticket holder (1990’s) and former Loughton resident Paul Fellowes, is joined by a special guest, the Cheese Room’s new match review article writer Sebastian Short (UK), who will be at the United away game in the away end; alongside Cheese Room founder and Sydney harbour diver, Mr. Jolly.

Production: The show was produced by Mr. Jolly & Paul Fellowes; sound edited by Paul; with cover design by Luke Harper from from a Mr. Jolly concept.    

S2 E47 - We’re all having a party because Sissoko scored a goal!

PLOT: Two league games into Jose's reign and two 3-2 scorelines, HG doesn't mind as long as we're winning but the podders discuss why we currently seem to be back in the Ardiles era in terms of scorelines.  Another great performance by Dele is examined, as well as what seems to be a fairly consistent formation and tactics under Mourinho.  The team also look ahead to the game against Man Utd on Wednesday.

CREW: Franco (South stand ST Holder) hosts and is joined by The Harlow Globetrotter (Vienna) and Benny Heidelbach (Denmark)

PRODUCTION: Produced, Recorded and Edited by Franco.  Cover design by Franco

S2 E46 - Will Jose Pop the Cherries?

PLOT: The Podders talk all things Bournemouth as we look to put the previous game against the Cherries firmly behind us.  No Red cards this weekend please!  They also discuss what players look to have benefited from the Special One's arrival and The Caller wants to remind people where 'park the bus' originally came from.

CAST: Brendan McGerty (Brasil Spurs) takes over the hosting responsibilities and is joined by Sean Williacy (Toronto Spurs) and a slightly sleepy Caller (Up north).

PRODUCTION: Produced, Recorded and Edited by Brendan.  Cover design by Franco.

S2 E45 - A Very Good Ball Boy (Midweek Show with Gary Stevens)

PLOT: In this midweek CL review show, the podders discuss our come-from-behind victory over Olympiacos, a.k.a Jose Mourinho’s greatest ever CL comeback victory. They look at his selections, use of substitutes, as well as his sideline performance. The lads also discuss Harry Kane becoming the fastest man to score 20 CL goals (24 games); the continuing resurgence of Dele Alli, and a MoM performance from Serge Aurier, including a blistering strike, which Mr. Jolly. in one of the goal reaction videos on our FB page, referred to as “an erotic wormburner…” We'll find out what on earth that means too. Finally Gary calls out Mr. J. for watching Arse(nal) Fan TV, and the lads offer their champ, bellend, and funniest or most moving moments of the week just past.

CAST: In today’s show we’re again blessed by the dulcet hosting tones of Singapore-based football / sports broadcaster Shehzad “Shez” Haque; he's alongside Gary Stevens (UEFA CUP ‘84 champ & Spurs legend) in the virtual studio; with Cheese Room founder and Sydney harbour swimmer Mr. Jolly (Sydney OzSpurs), and, last but not least, the incomparable international man of mystery, Vladimir (Siberia Spurs). Enjoy, and COYS!

PRODUCTION: The show was produced by Paul Fellowes (OzSpurs) and Mr. Jolly; edited by Paul; with cover design by Luke Harper of, based on a Mr. J concept.




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S2 E44 - 307 Days Later

PLOT: The Podders review our first away league in the premier league for 307 days; a mostly convincing 3-2 victory against West Ham.  Mourinho took charge of his first game at Spurs and his team selection and tactics are examined.  They also discuss the performances of Dele, Moura and Roberto (one of the worst goalkeepers we've seen in a while)  The Caller can't remember Mark Noble's name and HG goes on a rant about how much he hates the Hammers.

CREW: Franco (London, ST Holder) hosts and is joined by The Caller (Up North) and The Harlow Globetrotter (Vienna)

PRODUCTION: Produced, Recorded and Edited by Franco.  Cover Design by Franco