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S2 E91 - Chase the Cockerel 2

PLOT: Following the unmitigated success of the first Cheese Room quiz, Seb returns with another set of contestants for another go at it.  HG, Vlad and Paul are up to discuss inane questions about the Belarusian football league, who they'd like round for dinner and of course, who stole all the bog roll?

Will HG retain the crown he won be default?  Will Paul bring enlightenment from Down under?  Will Vlad get through a show without insulting every other member of the Cheese Room?  All these things are highly doubtful but you'll have to listen to find out.....

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S2 E90 - In memory of Justin Edinburgh (with his son Charlie)

PLOT: In a very special episode we are honoured to welcome Charlie Edinbugh to The Cheese Room as we look back on the career of our most decorated player of the 1990s, Justin Edinburgh. From Gazza's antics in the build up to the 1991 FA Cup Final to Robbie Savage's playacting in the 1999 League Cup Final. We also learn about Justin the man, how hard he worked climbing up the managerial pyramid and the legacy that is left by his tragic passing through the Justin Edinburgh 3 Foundation.

CAST: Bren in Brazil is joined by Charlie Edinburgh and season ticket holder S J Burrows.

PRODUCTION: Produced, Recorded and Edited by Bren.  Cover by Franco

Link to the JE3 just giving page;

S2 E89 - A trip down memory lane

PLOT: With no football and most people being responsible and staying indoors the Podders thought they'd have a chat about their all-time favourites.  They discuss their favourite goals, games and players and have a good laugh along the way.

CAST: Franco is joined by fellow season ticket holders, The Caller and S J Burrows and also 90s season ticket holder The Harlow Globetrotter in Vienna.

PRODUCTION: Produced, Recorded and Edited by Franco.  Cover by Franco.

S2 E88 - Chase the Cockerel

PLOT: Looking for a bit of light relief from the gloomy, and isolated reality we are facing currently? Well, you can now enjoy some of the Cheese Room’s finest wits as they buckle under the pressure of some doozy open-ended questions, and a challenge “knowledge” round for the top two survivors… who will make it? Franco, HG or Mr. Jolly - who’s your money on? 

CAST: Quiz host Seb Short (UK), the Cheese Room’s match reviewer, is joined by  Mr. Jolly, the Cheese Room founder and harbour swimmer (Sydney OzSpurs), as well as Cheese Room head analyst, the Harlow Globetrotter (Vienna), and last but not least, UK based season ticket holder and review show host, Franco ‘the General’ Parker.  

PRODUCTION: The pod was produced by Seb and Mr. Jolly, edited by Mr. Jolly with superb cover design by Luke of 

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S2 E87 - Stop Panic Buying Now

PLOT: In the second Cheese Room episode of this god-forsaken Coronavirus pause, the podders discuss some of the pressing issues of the day. They start by asking “can we laugh at Coronavirus jokes?" And, if so "where do you draw the taste line?” They also discuss the impacts on their own lives briefly before getting their teeth into the Premier League announcement on the indefinite end date for the season. HG suggests that the season might go over two seasons, an idea that Seb argues would be the “end of British football”. The podders also riff on the improbability of behind-closed-doors football games in the current climate. They then talk Tottenham related issues with a look at our “best team of the season”… in today’s show the GK and defence are covered. They ask if Hugo Lloris is a good leader, and wonder how long he has left. They also wonder where Tanganga fits, and if “Surge” Aurier is the best RB. Also WTF do we do about LB? The lads finish themselves off by ruminating on who you’d prefer your daughter to date, the mad-as-a-cut-snake Serge Aurier, or the boring old librarian James Milner? And at the very last they beg Levy not to panic buy Andy Fackin’ Carroll. Hat tip to Paul Muir of GGTH for the Andy Carroll meme.

CAST: Mr. Jolly, the Cheese Room founder and Sydney harbour swimmer (Sydney OzSpurs), is joined by the head analyst Harlow Globetrotter (90's ST holder, now of Vienna); with the whiskey drinking cheese loving old testament pastor Nick Kersten (Wisconsin, USA); and our match reviewer and punditry wizard Sebastian Short. 

PRODUCTION: The pod was produced, and edited by Mr. Jolly, with cover design by Luke of from a Mr. J concept, via Paul Muir sharing a meme on GGTH. 

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S2 E86 - Corona lockdown

PLOT: Cabin fever has set in for the Podders so they thought they'd stop messaging in group chat all day and do a quick pod instead.  Franco tells of a lucky escape in Leipzig, Brendan gives us the latest on Ronaldinho's prison football career and they all discuss a load of hypothetical nonsense because we've got no idea what's going to happen in the next few months.  Will we ever finish the worst Spurs season in years?

CAST: Franco hosts but seems to have been using his laptop mic again, soz about the sound quality.  Mr S J Burrows (ST Holder in the Wall) makes a welcome appearance as does The Harlow Globetrotter (On lockdown in Vienna) and Brendan (Brazil) doesn't get an intro thanks to his south american internet but he joins half way through.

PRODUCTION: Produced by nobody, Recorded and Edited by Franco.

S2 E85 - Gored by a Red Bull

PLOT: The crew discuss the loss to Leipzig, the role of the gaffer, the players, the ownership as well as goddam injuries and luck in all of this and ask where we go next. 

CAST: Mr. Jolly, the Cheese Room founder and Sydney harbour swimmer (Sydney OzSpurs), is joined by ‘84 UEFA Cup winning legend Gary Stevens, and our match reviewer extraordinaire Sebastian Short (UK).  

PRODUCTION: The pod was produced by Mr. Jolly, with cover design by Luke of

S2 E84 - Jose disses Ndombele

PLOT: The Podders review the 1-1 draw away at Burnley.  They go deep on Ndombele after Jose's comments in the post match press conference.  They also critique the Special One's less than special first half tactics and why the second half was a much more positive performance.  They also look ahead to the Leipzig game and give their thoughts on what they expect from the rest of the season.

CREW: Franco (ST holder, London) hosts and is joined by The Harlow Globetrotter (Vienna) and The Caller (Up North)

PRODUCTION: Produced, Recorded and Edited by Franco.  Cover design by Franco

S2 E83 - Will Jose feel the Burn? (Burnley Preview)

PLOT: The Podders preview the upcoming trip to Turn Moor. They discuss the likely formations, line ups, tactics for our opponents, their upturn in form since that 5-0 drubbing, and if Jose will have one eye on RB Leipzig. Caller thinks it will be all gravy, Padre hope we see more of Skipp, and they both hope Toby is back to help out on corners.

CREW:Brendan in Brazil (Brazil Spurs) hosts and is joined by The Caller Cheese Room and Father Nick of the Cheese Room

PRODUCTION: Produced, Recorded and Edited by Brendan, cover design by Brendan

S2 E82 - Pass the Bogroll (Norwich FA cup Review)

In the midst of the great Australian toilet roll crisis with only the smallest room in the house to record in, OzSpurs's own Paul Fellowes and the Cheese Room's match report specialist Seb Short try to find a glimmer of positivity from the FA cup exit