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S2 E6 - Shebby Singh joins Gary Stevens, Shez and Mr. Jolly in the Cheese Room

CAST: In this episode we welcome Shebby Singh, one of Asia’s best known football pundits to the show. Shebby has been on TV for more than 20 years, and has been a Tottenham supporter since 1973 when we beat Norwich in the League Cup Final. He was also a long time Malaysian international defender; but is probably best known, or most notorious, for his time as “Global Footballer Advisor” at Blackburn Rovers in the early 2010’s. Gary Stevens (ex-Spurs player, legendary UEFA Cup final penalty taking winner from 1984) also returns to the show for his second outing; and along with Mr. Jolly (Sydney OzSpurs, Cheese Room founder); and host Shehzad Haque (TV host, Singapore) they dig into the big topics of the week in Tottenham land! 

PLOT: The crew discuss:  

  • The smash and grab job at Citeh, including the handball and VAR. 
  • How good is Lucas Moura? Would you start him, Son or both against Newcastle? 
  • What’s our playing style? Do we have a clear identity as a team any more? Gary suggests that like most teams it’s fluid and changes depending on context. What’s your view? 
  • Shebby argues that Eriksen is a great player against lesser teams, but despite being one of the best #10’s in the world, he is wasted against better teams because we don’t have the ball enough! Thus, he wouldn’t have started him at City. 
  • We all wonder when Jan will return and Mr. Jolly speculates that it could be a prolonged absence.  

FACES IN THE CROWD: In Part 2 of the show The Cheese Room’s Russian podcaster extraordinaire Vlad, interviews Ryan Horst, a mad Spurs Fan, and long time Cheese Head from Washington State in the USA. Ryan is a highly qualified referee and the two gents discuss VAR; the handball at City; and also the refereeing skill of Michael OliVAR, or lack thereof. For your information, Faces in the Crowd is the segment where we interview Spurs fans from around the world. If you’d like to be interviewed for it, have something to say, as well as access to a decent microphone and Internet better than the dog s**t that Sydney serves up at times, do get in touch!

PRODUCTION: This week’s show was produced by Mr. Jolly and Shehzad Haque; edited by Mr. Jolly with cover design by the Jolly old gaffer too. COYS!    

S2 E5 - Another VAR-y good result at City

PLOT: The Podders look at the slightly fortunate draw away at Man City.  There was more last minute VAR drama in our favour but the Caller isn't a fan.  The podders talk about team selection with Moura a surprise addition to the bench and they discuss whether Poch got his tactics a bit wrong or maybe City are just that good.

CREW: Franco hosts and is joined by Cheeseroom regulars The Caller and The Harlow Globetrotter

PRODUCTION: Produced, Recorded and Edited by Franco, Cover design by Franco

S2 E4 - Preview - Oh Say Can You Citeh

PLOT: They say that America is a melting pot...cheese fondue anyone?? We kick off the first Americas hosted Cheese Room Podcast with Aviva and Beni Summers in Boston and Brendan from Brazil. They preview our upcoming trip to the Etihad; and discuss VDV's comments that "Spurs are not good enough squad-wise to sustain a title challenge". They also look into who is the “right” right-back for Saturday, and dive into Spurs’ tactics against Pep’s boys. Brendan thinks we can get at Zinchenko, but worries that if Jan doesn’t start we will be in trouble. Beni wonders how many seasons of City dominance people will put up with? All three look into whether Eriksen should start and also listener questions are answered… Oh and Aviva sings a little..."

CREW: Aviva Summers (4th gen Spurs fan; Atlanta Spurs social media manager), is joined by her brother Beni (Rabbi in training) in Boston; and Brendan McGerty (Brazil Spurs, Irish/English dual national, and Spurs ST holder in the 1990's).

PRODUCTION: The show was produced by Aviva and Mr. Jolly (Sydney OzSpurs); and edited by Mr. Jolly, with cover design by Aviva and Mr. J. 

S2 E3 - Gary Stevens Debut plus Eriksen Jan and KWP

Gary Stevens, legendary member of our UEFA Cup Winning Team from 1984 debuts on the midweek version of the Cheese Room Podcast. Now residing and working in Thailand, Gary is also a professional TV football pundit in Malaysia. We talk with him about the Eriksen and Jan situations; ask him how highly he rates KWP and Ndombele; and start the pod by finding out about his time at Spurs, what life after Spurs has been like, and also if he got the nickname "Grease" because of his hair looking like John Travolta, or because of an on-again-off-again affair with Aussie heartthrob, and known cougar, Olivia Newton John in the early 80's.

Moving forward he'll be joining pod-founder Mr. Jolly (Sydney OzSpurs); host Shehzad "Shez" Haque (Singapore); SJB (ST holder, London), and legendary pundit and football consultant Shebby Singh (Malaysia) for a midweek big issues show where we discuss the main talking points of the week and review midweek cup and CL games depending on when they've occured. Please join me in warmly welcoming him to our International podcast team! Moreover be a dear, and pop over and follow him at your favourite social media platform (links below)!

During my playing career I represented Brighton & Hove Albion, Tottenham Hotspur, Portsmouth and England.

In 1984 I won the UEFA Cup with Tottenham and the European Under 21 Championships in England. In 1986 I played for England at the World Cup Finals in Mexico.

I scored a late equalizer for Brighton against Manchester United in the 1983 FA Cup Final and also scored from the spot in the penalty shoot out that decided the 1984 UEFA Cup Final.

A knee injury forced me to retire from football at the age of 30. Since then I have coached or managed Premier League teams in England, Azerbaijan, Ireland and Thailand and worked as a pundit and presenter for Talk Sports, Sky Sports, Fox Sports and Astro Super Sports.



FaceBook page 
Gary Stevens


News article on his latest venture!

S2 E2 - Leaving it late again

PLOT: Fresh from another late turnaround, the Podders discuss all the events from the 3-1 win against Villa.  What seemed like another sluggish start to the season turned around after a second half change of tactics.  The effectiveness of the diamond midfield is examined, The Caller reckons Winks isn't good enough and HG thinks he shouldn't be at the base of the midfield.  VAR was used for the first time in the league and the lads explain how they thought it worked from a spectators point of view compared to watching it on TV.  On the last Pod HG agreed with the Caller and on this one, the Caller admits that he may have been wrong about KWP......these are strange times indeed.  The boys also discuss the Jan and Eriksen situation and whether the gossip and rumours are worth taking seriously.

CREW:  Franco (ST Holder, London) hosts and is Joined by the Caller who raced back from the stadium to do the Pod and was only an hour and 15 minutes behind schedule!  They're joined by the Harlow Globetrotter (Vienna but temporarily Pontecarlo).

PRODUCTION:  Produced, Recorded and Edited by Franco.  Cover design by Franco

S2 E1 - The Villans come to town

PLOT: The first Cheese Room preview show of the season is here!  The Podders look at our opening opponents as new promoted Aston Villa visit NWHL.

CREW: Franco (ST Holder, London) hosts and is joined by The Caller (Up North), and The Harlow Globetrotter (even further up north (for one week only)).  Vlad gatecrashes briefly to say hello, having just returned from his Summer expedition.

PRODUCTION: Produced, Recorded and Edited by Franco, Cover Design by Franco

Summer ‘19 Ep #14 Transfer window closure…

PLOT: The Podders discuss the twists and turns of the transfer window.  They assess the squad as it stands and which positions we could have maybe done with strengthening, before looking at the other top 5 teams transfer business and predicting our chances in the coming season.  Our guest Podder 'The Accountant' gives us his opinion on the likelihood of finally signing players like Dybala (not this time) in future now the ££'s are rolling in.

CREW: Franco (London ST Holder) is joined by Cheese Room virgin Steve 'The Accountant' Diver, as he gives his financially considered views on the transfer window and Leon 'the realist' Isaacs is actually much less grumpy about the window than even he expected.

PRODUCTION: Produced, Recorded and Edited by Franco.  Cover design by Franco (and someone else on the internet, thanks whoever made the original)

Summer ‘19 Ep #13 Inter ICC - It’s quite good to be back home!

PLOT: The Podders review the recent Audi cup victory as well as the final ICC game against Inter Milan.  They discuss the merits of the current formation, the issues at right back (again) and bemoan the fact that we are going into another season with squad issues amd injuries.  Finally, Franco has a moan about how bad the stadium burger was and other operational issues.  It's not all negative, promise!!!!

CREW: Franco (London) hosts after watching the game at NWHL and is joined by the Harlow Globetrotter (Vienna)

PRODUCTION: Produced, Recorded and Edited by Franco, Cover design by Franco

Summer ‘19 Ep #12 Good Win, but Real trouble at right back?

PLOT: A strictly British affair for this one, as the podders discuss the victory against Real Madrid in the Audi Cup.  They debate the good and the bad, Dele looking back to his old self, Lamela putting on a display for the Harlow Globetrotter (who was at the game), Foyth v KWP and the Caller lets loose over his dismay at the teams right back situation.  We also briefly discuss the current transfer action......(Spoiler: there is none).

CREW: Franco hosts and is Joined by The Caller (Likes the posh seats at NWHL) and Mr Simon J Burrows (ST up high on the wall)

PRODUCTION: Produced, Recorded and Edited by Franco, Cover Design by Franco

Summer ‘19 EP #11: Best Ever PL Signings Part 2: Players #10-#1

PLOT: Who were / are our best ever signings in the PL era according to Spurs fans? In Part 2 of this special episode, the Cheese Room count down the best signings of the PL era, from #10-1, as voted by almost 200 members of the Cheese Room Spurs massive via our Survey Monkey survey. The podcasters reminisce on the brilliance, big moments and the limitations of these legendary or cult hero players; compare them to similar signings for other clubs who moved in the same transfer window; and evaluate the financial value we got when they left. They also discuss players they think were ranked lower or higher than they might have been. For some players we also wonder about what might have been in different circumstances. 

SURVEY DEETS: We surveyed 200 and asked them to rate 50 players on a scale of 1-10, then ranked the players in order using their average score. Survey respondents were asked to consider the player’s (1) ability and consistent quality of performances at Spurs; (2) contribution to winning / avoiding relegation / league position; (3) longevity and/or historical significance at the club (4) the expense of the signing compared to the resale value of the player; as well as (5) X-factors such as goal celebrations, cult status, and general “sexiness”. Where would you have Klinsmann on a ranking scale like this? Higher or lower than Jan, Ginola, Heungmin Son, Eriksen, VDV? He only played 1.5 seasons remember? You might be surprised at where he ended up.  

CREW: Host and Cheese Room founder Mr. Jolly (Sydney OzSpurs), was joined by the Harlow Globetrotter, Lloyd Stiles (Cheese Room head analyst, Vienna); Aviva Summers (Atlanta Spurs social media manager and soon to be Americas Cheese Room host); and UK/Europe host and ST holder Franco Parker.

PRODUCTION: The show was produced by Mr. Jolly, and edited by Franco and Paul Fellowes with some help from Vlad too. Cover design by Mr. Jolly.