The Cheese Room Podcast (THFC)

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S2 E2 - Leaving it late again

August 11, 2019

PLOT: Fresh from another late turnaround, the Podders discuss all the events from the 3-1 win against Villa.  What seemed like another sluggish start to the season turned around after a second half change of tactics.  The effectiveness of the diamond midfield is examined, The Caller reckons Winks isn't good enough and HG thinks he shouldn't be at the base of the midfield.  VAR was used for the first time in the league and the lads explain how they thought it worked from a spectators point of view compared to watching it on TV.  On the last Pod HG agreed with the Caller and on this one, the Caller admits that he may have been wrong about KWP......these are strange times indeed.  The boys also discuss the Jan and Eriksen situation and whether the gossip and rumours are worth taking seriously.

CREW:  Franco (ST Holder, London) hosts and is Joined by the Caller who raced back from the stadium to do the Pod and was only an hour and 15 minutes behind schedule!  They're joined by the Harlow Globetrotter (Vienna but temporarily Pontecarlo).

PRODUCTION:  Produced, Recorded and Edited by Franco.  Cover design by Franco