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S2 E21 - Life of Tottenham (The Midweek show with Gary Stevens)

September 26, 2019

PLOT: While pessimistic fans froth at the mouth and cry "apart from finishing in the top 4 four times in a row; finally topping the Goons after 23 years, doing the Chavs at the Bridge after 28 years, beating top teams in Europe regularly like Real Madrid, Dortmund, Man City and Ajax and then making the CL final.. What did Pochettino ever do for us?", Gary, Paul and Mr. Jolly talk some sense, placing the loss to Colchester in historical and current situational context. Of course, they still ruminate over “what went wrong?” in the game itself, discuss how we are going to move forward, and wonder who is going to lead us on that march, as we try to avoid the gallows of a possible return to mediocrity and burgeoning fan furore. Gary also shares some fascinating stories of his involvement in cup upsets back in the day. Hope you enjoy it!    


Gary Stevens: Defender and midfielder for Tottenham (1983-1990); UEFA Cup Winner (1984) and FA Cup finalist (87); scored in a FA Cup final for Brighton against Man Utd (1983), when that was still the greatest show on earth. Also known as “Grease” on account of massive late 70’s style hair back in the day, and because he was at one point the “toy-boy” lover of Olivia Newton-John. 

Mr. Jolly: Founder of the Cheese Room; mad Aussie based Spurs fan since 1981 (Glenn Hoddle is God); known for jumping in Sydney Harbour and various fountains around Sydney during our run to the CL final including in this stunning Ajax game docu / reaction video; world exclusive revealer of the 2019-20 Spurs away kit in a YouTube Video

Paul Fellowes: 80’s and 90’s season ticket holder, and now long time member of OzSpurs, Paul is based on the central coast of New South Wales, but is well known in Sydney among other haunts.      

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