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S2 E50 - Burnley Preview

December 6, 2019
Plot: Aviva is back from finishing off Thanksgiving leftovers to preview this weekend's match as we welcome Burnley to N17. She is joined by the one and only Dave Bolton (Boston Spurs); and making his Americas Cheeseroom debut, from Stamford Spurs in Connecticut, Mr. Stefano Michelagnoli! (Aviva doesn’t even try to pronounce it, can you?). We look at our record against the Clarets and ponder whether we might see the return of "one Aaron Lennon". Also, we look at the Spurs midfield and Dave finally gives us his, his long-awaited thoughts, on Jose. Strap in! 
Production: The episode was produced by Aviva, Brendan and the Americas Cheese Room crew; edited by Aviva, with cover design by Aviva too.