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S2 E87 - Stop Panic Buying Now

March 20, 2020

PLOT: In the second Cheese Room episode of this god-forsaken Coronavirus pause, the podders discuss some of the pressing issues of the day. They start by asking “can we laugh at Coronavirus jokes?" And, if so "where do you draw the taste line?” They also discuss the impacts on their own lives briefly before getting their teeth into the Premier League announcement on the indefinite end date for the season. HG suggests that the season might go over two seasons, an idea that Seb argues would be the “end of British football”. The podders also riff on the improbability of behind-closed-doors football games in the current climate. They then talk Tottenham related issues with a look at our “best team of the season”… in today’s show the GK and defence are covered. They ask if Hugo Lloris is a good leader, and wonder how long he has left. They also wonder where Tanganga fits, and if “Surge” Aurier is the best RB. Also WTF do we do about LB? The lads finish themselves off by ruminating on who you’d prefer your daughter to date, the mad-as-a-cut-snake Serge Aurier, or the boring old librarian James Milner? And at the very last they beg Levy not to panic buy Andy Fackin’ Carroll. Hat tip to Paul Muir of GGTH for the Andy Carroll meme.

CAST: Mr. Jolly, the Cheese Room founder and Sydney harbour swimmer (Sydney OzSpurs), is joined by the head analyst Harlow Globetrotter (90's ST holder, now of Vienna); with the whiskey drinking cheese loving old testament pastor Nick Kersten (Wisconsin, USA); and our match reviewer and punditry wizard Sebastian Short. 

PRODUCTION: The pod was produced, and edited by Mr. Jolly, with cover design by Luke of from a Mr. J concept, via Paul Muir sharing a meme on GGTH. 

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