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Ep #51: Would Have Bitten Ya Hand Off for Top 4! (Mini Season Review)

PLOT: Host Shez (from Singapore) asks the crew if they were happy overall with where we finished in the PL? They discuss our mixed results, and performances against the top 6. He also asks the crew about our best and worst performances; which players excelled (Sissoko, Winks, Son et al) and which disappointed, in some ways at least (Trippier, Sanchez, Foyth, Toby?). The impact of our spate of injuries are also mentioned of course. Aviva also points out that, well, if we win the CL, then the 4th place finish given our injuries should be applauded even more. The crew are also asked for their opinion on Poch’s season and there’s a long riff from everyone on this point. Finally, there’s a brief dip into the potential transfer waters too.   

CREW: TV broadcaster / host from Singapore, Shez Haque is joined by our head analyst “the Harlow Globetrotter” Lloyd Stiles from Vienna; Atlanta Spurs social media manager Aviva Summers; as well as Season Ticket holder extraordinaire and Faces in the Crowd host, “the General” Francis Parker. 

PRODUCTION: The show was produced and curated by Mr. Jolly in Sydney with help from the Cheese Room Podcasters; audio was edited by Gen. Francis Parker; with pod cover design by Mr. Jolly himself.    

Ep #50 Theo Walcott: You’re Just a S**t Aaron Lennon!


Cast: In this latest episode of our international AF podcast, host Vlad from Russia, is joined by head analyst, the “Harlow Globetrotter” Lloyd Stiles from Vienna; “the indefatiable ST holder” Simon J Burrows from London; Atlanta Spurs social media manager and 4th generation fan, Aviva Summers; and the dulcet tones of Shehzad Haque of Fox Sports Asia, from Singapore.

Plot: They discuss the Everton game in some detail and reflect on some of the big end of season questions including Eriksen and Toby among others.

Part 2: FACES IN THE CROWD with NYC Spurs: (From 25:19) - “The General” Francis Parker (London), and Paul Fellowes (Central Coast, Australia) interview James Cordea, from New York Spurs, and dig deep into his passionate support of our beloved club as well as what it’s like supporting Spurs in NYC. Among his other claims to TTID status is the fact that his two sons are named Raphael and Luka. How about that? COYS! TTWD! GTF in there… Yaaaaaaaas!

Ep #49 Woah! Take it Easy Everton… We’ll Do Red Scouse For Youse!

Mr. Jolly in Sydney is joined by the General Francis Parker from London and Aviva Summers from Atlanta as they run a quick rule over the Everton game, their side, and consider how we might line up. We also ask them "to take it easy on us." Yes. Dear Everton: Remember we are your ONLY hope to stop them winning one of the two trophies they could win! PS. Gylfi - don't you dare!

Ep #48 Miracle Moura Leads Spurs to Madrid

🎙In Part 1, Host Shehzad Haque from Singapore (Fox Sports Football Asia host) steps into the host chair and is joined by Mr. Jolly (Sydney OzSpurs); analyst the “Harlow Globetrotter” Lloyd Stiles from Vienna; opinion merchant, the Caller “Owen Culshaw” from up Norf in England; and deposed guest host Franco “the General” Parker from London in his luxury jail cell. They discuss all the big picture topics coming out of the game:

  • What does it all mean? How did it feel?
  • How historic was that victory? (stats)
  • What next? Can we DO Liverpool?
  • Tactics in the game.
  • The good (Moura, Llorente, Dele) and the bad (Wanyama, Trippier?, Son???)

🎙In Part 2 “Moments, Memes and Magic” from 40.17, Shez is joined by 4th generation Spurs fan, Aviva Summers from Atlanta Spurs; alongside her dear brother Benni from Boston, with the Caller and Mr. Jolly chippin in too. They run through this list:

  • Moura’s winner: Sissoko floats a long ball, Llorente one touch outside of his foot, Dele one touch pass, Moura hits it…
  • Kane’s speech at half time… and Kane for the final?
  • Moura’s 2nd goal… dancing with the ball (4 magic touches)
  • Ziyek hit the post / just wide (late on)
  • Vertonghen hits the bar
  • Llorente biscuit tin of header on 93 mins. We looked done!
  • The noise of the Ajax fans  (and them going quiet too)
  • Time wasting coming back to bite them on the arse
  • Viral stuff
    • Hoddle and Rio and Linker (Hod’s heart)
    • Changing room lads (sing Wonderwall)
    • Lamela shouting (when he tried to dribble out of defense)
    • Danny Rose and Poch having a beer on the pitch.
    • Poch doing we’re not worthy to the fans.


  • Episode produced by Mr. Jolly (Sydney OzSpurs) and Shehzad Haque (Singapore) with the Cheese Room Spurs.
  • Edited by Mr. Jolly.
  • Cover design by Luke Harper from Tottenham OzSpur; concept by Luke and Mr. Jolly.  

Ep #47 Ecstasy in Amsterdam

🎙POD BLURB: The Cheese Room Spurs podders preview our biggest game for 57 years against Ajax in Amsterdam. They ask the big questions:

  • Only 2 teams of 20 that lost the first leg at home have won the CL tie, and only 5 in 57 years, including European Cup ties, can we do it?
  • How might Ajax line up?
  • Was Poch right to play our strongest side at the Cherries?
  • How will / should we line up?
  • Should Dier OR Wanyama play in CDM?

🎙POD CREW: “The General” Franco Parker (ST holder) once again takes the host chair after maintaining power following the bloody coup d'etat which forced out El Presidente Jolly, and Minister of Defense Vladimir Nikogda Ne Krassy (a.k.a Vlad). Franco is once more joined by his soldiers at arms, Aviva “IcePick” Summers, social media manager for Atlanta Spurs, as well as renowned Chris Brown impersonator, some know him as “the drunken Caller”,  or “Fat Shady”... Owen Culshaw, from Newcastle on Tyne. Then in a bonus coda, Prez. Jolly sneaks in through an editing room back-door to do a brief tactics interview with our head analyst “The Harlow Globetrotter” Lloyd Stiles from Vienna. 


  • Episode produced by Mr. Jolly (Sydney OzSpurs) and “the General” Francis Parker (London) with the Cheese Room Spurs.
  • Edited by Franco and Mr. Jolly.
  • Cover design by Luke Harper from Tottenham OzSpur; concept by Luke and Mr. Jolly.  

Ep #46 Criminal Collapse Against Rotten Cherries

🎙POD BLURB AND CREW: “The General” Franco Parker (ST holder) takes the host chair after a bloody coup d'etat forced out Mr. Jolly and his Russian comrade in arms Vlad. Gen. Franco is joined by his revolutionary Yiddo cadres, Aviva “IcePick” Summers from Atlanta Spurs; Minister of Propaganda, “the indefatigable ST holder” Simon J Burrows (London); as well as his hatchet man with a luger, the Cheese Room’s much loathed opinion merchant, “the Caller” Jurgen Culshaw (hailing from parts unknown up norf!). They will discuss all the key talking points from the Cherries game, including our dog shite finishing, their teenage keeper who must have been high as a kite; the dodgy referee, dire Dier, silly Son, facking foolish Foyth, and who the fackin’ hell is Kaiser Soze???  

Then in Part 2 Franco continues his Faces in the Crowd USA tour in a Winnebago, and is joined by the caller as they interview Keith Mainland from Colorado Spurs. He’s originally from the UK, where he played for Farnborough Town, then moved to the US many moons ago. What an interesting fella he is, with a very unique hybrid accent too. Enjoy!

PS. Arsenal have gone and blown it….. hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha


-Episode produced by Mr. Jolly (Sydney OzSpurs) and “the General” Francis Parker (London) with the Cheese Room Spurs.

-Edited by Franco and Mr. Jolly.

-Cover design by Luke Harper from Tottenham OzSpur; concept by Luke and Mr. Jolly.  

Ep #45: Poching the Cherries (Preview Pod)


In this episode we preview the Bournemouth game, using these talking points / questions as our sharp instrument:

  1. What do the stats tell us about our opponent and theoretically how difficult will it be to beat them?
  2. Who are their key players? Includes deep dive into Ryan Fraser, the shortest player in the PL, but a man who provides a higher proportion of assists to his team’s goals that any other player in the PL.
  3. Which Cherries should we try to pluck for next season? Fraser, Callum Wilson, Josh King???
  4. How much should / can we rotate for the game?  FB’s? Jan / Toby? Son???
  5. Listener questions: What striker should we sign as a Kane back-up? Should we sell Trippier, or Aurier, or KWP? Why do some people want to get rid of Eric Dier? (well he isn’t home grown I guess).


Host Mr. Jolly at The University of Sydney, and the Sydney OzSpurs, is joined by “the Padre” Nick Kersten from the Cheese Head state of Wisconsin (USA); Atlanta Spurs social media manager, Aviva Summers (USA); “the indefatigable season ticket holder” Simon J Burrows (London); and last but not least, some know him as the “Northern Dandy”, but we know him as “the Caller”, he’s Owen Culshaw… and in equal measure, he’s the most loathed, and loved man, north of Norwich. GTF in there. COYS! TTWD!  


-Episode produced by Mr. Jolly, Paul Fellowes and the Cheese Room podders.

-Edited by Paul Fellowes.

-Cover concept and design Matthew Hookey (GGTH FB); with Mr. Jolly.


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Ep #44: Could be Worse Could be Red Scouse!


The podders discuss the Ajax game in great detail, and we hear lots of shoutouts from the 1000 Spurs Fans massive via polls on our FB page to prompt discussions on the following topics:

  • 1. Are you feeling confident about the 2nd leg?
  • 2. How much did we miss Son?   
  • 3. Did things get better mostly because of the tactical change after Jan went off, or was it because Moussa Sissoko is the GOAT?
  • 4. To Llorente, or not to Llorente, and if we do why can’t we play to his strengths more?
  • 5. Dele v Eriksen - who was most off their game?
  • 6. Trippier v Foyth - who should start in the 2nd leg?

Other things: Simon explains who Torvill and Dean were for our younger listeners when talking about the Son poll; Owen has had 4 stiff drinks by the end and he and Mr. Jolly get into a bit of virtual biffo over the Juan Foyth v Trippier debate.


In this episode host Mr. Jolly from Sydney OzSpurs is joined Aviva from Atlanta Spurs; “the Indefatigable ST holder” Simon J Burrows, and Franco “the General” Parker from London; as well as… hailing from parts unknown “the Caller” Owen Culshaw.

Ep #43 CL Semi on a Tuesday Night!

PLOT SUMMARY: While Man City watch Emerdale we'll be hosting a "CL Semi on a Tuesday night" Yaaaas!

Part 1:  WEST HAM talking points & Qs for the PODDERS:

  • How confident are you about Top 4?
  • Rose in MF. Foyth at RB discussed.
  • Where should Son and Dele play?
  • Pochettino’s substitutions.
  • Qs for podders: How many replica shirts do you own? And more…

PART 2: AJAX talking points & TRANSFERS: From 23.57

  • Are you feeling confident about the game/tie?
  • How should we line up?
  • Could Troy Parrot get called up for the bench?
  • Would you play Moura up front alone? Or with Llorente?
  • Deal with the Devil: Would you take a 1-0 win, or even a 0-0 now for the first leg, if offered?  


Josh Hill from Little Rock Spurs in Arkansas, USA, which became an official supporters club just this season, talks about his relatively new found love of Spurs. This love affair started somewhat esoterically in 2012, when Chelsea knocked us out of the CL by beating Bayern Munich. A London based Spurs supporting mate helped him see the light. He says he loves us, in part, because he admires sporting teams that do things the right way!

Josh also shares this great quote… “It’s easy to get passionate with Tottenham. Other clubs you just go through the motions. But with Tottenham you just want to learn more. You want to engross yourself with everything the club does. Every kick. Every blow of the ref's whistle. You gotta live and die on it!” He also shares the tale of how was on Jeopardy for 7 nights in a row, and won US $160,000 for his efforts. That’s enough for a season ticket for life and a boat load of cheese too!

CAST of characters:

Host Vlad from Russia is joined by analyst extraordinaire, the Harlow Globetrotter from Austria; season ticket holder Franco “the General” Parker from London, and “the Caller“ Owen Culshaw from Midlands in the UK. Special guest, and renowned “journalist”, Dave Bolton, from Boston Spurs in the USA joins to discuss the Ajax game in Part 2. Finally Jeopardy champion, Josh Hill from Little Rock Spurs joins Franco and Paul Fellowes (OzSpurs) for Faces in the Crowd.  

The pod was produced by Mr. Jolly (Sydney OzSpurs), Paul Fellowes, and the Cheese Room Podcasters; was edited by Paul and Mr. J; with cover art by the mememeister, Matthew Hookey from up north in the UK. 


Ep #42 Every little ping he does is magic!

PLOT: In today’s pod we discuss Eriksen pulling a magic rabbit out of a hat against Brighton, preview the game against “Canning Town Bingo Club” a.k.a West Ham, and laugh our arses off at the Ars*nal, after their pathetic and comical capitulation at Wolves. There’s discussion of the top 4 run in, where HG tells us we’re now 97% certain to make it. Yaaas! We also wonder if this could end up being the best modern season in the club’s history depending on what happens in London, Amsterdam and maybe even Madrid in the coming weeks. Can we get Mr. Jolly in that fountain if we win it all? Finally, there’s time for a not-so “slim shady” impersonator from the Midlands to gate-crash the pod and wind everyone up.

CAST: Mr. Jolly, live from his balcony full of native birds in Sydney, is joined by the Harlow Globetrotter, Lloyd Stiles from Austria; the indefatigable season ticket holders Simon J Burrows and the “the General”  Franco Parker from London, with a special guest drunken stalking by our much loved and loathed opinion merchant, “the Caller” from Northampton thrown in for fun!