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S2 E32 - Erik Edman in the Cheese Room (Special Interview Pod with Aviva)

PLOT/CAST: Aviva is joined by former Spurs left-back and Swedish international, Erik Edman. We talk about “That” goal at Anfield, as well as his thoughts on Pochettino, and our current rebuilding period. We also get to hear some funny anecdotes from his days at Spurs and Wigan (cough cough 9-1). Side note: Erik's already tweeted out how happy he is that Leicester have now pushed that one further down the worst ever PL record. At the end of the show, we hear from a fan named Seb, who was there, in the KOP end, and who was subsequently jostled, and assaulted by red Scouse, whilst they were frothing at the mouth at his celebrations. 

PRODUCTION: The show was produced, edited, and had its cover designed by Aviva Summers. 


S2 E31 - Liverpool Preview (with Aviva & Theo Delaney)

CAST & PLOT: Aviva and Spurs Show co-host Theo Delaney look at the grudge match away at Anfield this Sunday. They look at the form, players… and ERIC DIER!! We also talk about the loveliest part of England, which is virtually straight out of California... Cornwall. :) 

S2 E30 - Prouder than a Honeymooner’s Cockerel (Midweek Show with Gary Stevens)

PLOT: The team discuss the magnificent return to form against Red Star: looking at the result, the performance, the piquant partnership of Son and Kane, delicious Dele’s sexy heat map, luscious Lamela v (in)edible Eriksen, the old faithful 4-2-3-1 formation, and what we might do at Liverpool. The pod finishes with a bit of fun with 3 questions for Mr. Jolly and a bit of head scratching on Lucas Moura.   

CAST: In today’s show we’re blessed by the mellifluous tones of Brendan McGerty (Brazil Spurs), as he steps into the host’s chair and chats with Gary Stevens (UEFA CUP ‘84 champ & Spurs legend), and indefatigable ST holder Simon J Burrows (Cheese Room Social Media Manager); before interviewing Cheese Room founder and harbour swimmer Mr. Jolly (Sydney OzSpurs).   

PRODUCTION: The pod was produced by Mr. Jolly and Brendan McGerty; edited by Mr. Jolly; with cover design by Mr. Jolly.  

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S2 E29 - Dele delivers draw

PLOT: The Podders discuss the woeful Watford result as Dele delivers a late equaliser.  There's a full spectrum of positivity across the podders this week, but none of them saw today as much of an improvement on our recent form.  The team scrutinise Poch's questionable tactics and look at all the contentious decisions and incidents in the game.

CREW: Franco (London - South stand ST Holder) hosts and is joined by Mr #LEVYOUT Leon Isaacs (London), 'The Podfather' Benny Heidelbach (Denmark) and The Caller (Up North) gatecrashes after a few glasses of rouge.

PRODUCTION: Produced, Recorded and Edited by Franco.  Cover design by Franco 

S2 E28 - Let’s Take an Etienne Capoop on Watford! (Match Preview)

Americas crew Aviva Summers (Atlanta Spurs), Dave Bolton (Boston Spurs) and Brendan McGerty (Brazil Spurs) take a granular look at the Watford game. Enjoy!  

S2 E27 - Pray for MoPo (Midweek Show with Gary Stevens)

PLOT: Gary Stevens (‘84 UEFA Cup champ at Spurs); Simon J Burrows (ST holder, London); join intrepid host Vladimir Nikogda Ne Krassny (Eastern Russia Spurs); with producer Mr. Jolly (Sydney OzSpurs) to review the current situation at Spurs. They mull over the following questions: (1) Is the “lost dressing room” a real issue? (2) What can Levy and Poch do in January? (3) Is Levy doing a good job? (4) Is Poch in trouble if we lose to Watford? And, what does the future hold for him if things don’t end well this term? (5) What would it take for him to be let go before the end of the season? And is he the man to lead us through these turbulent times? 

They also open the show by reviewing some Cheese Head FB submitted headlines where Vlad calls out the Harlow Globetrotter for submitting a film title rather than a headline among other guffaws and a few bouquets.  


Gary Stevens: Defender and midfielder for Tottenham (1983-1990); UEFA Cup Winner (1984) and FA Cup finalist (87); scored in a FA Cup final for Brighton against Man Utd (1983), when that was still the greatest show on earth. Also known as “Grease” on account of massive late 70’s style hair back in the day, and because he was at one point the “toy-boy” lover of Olivia Newton-John. 

Simon J Burrows:  Indefatigable ST holder extraordinaire from London, Spurs superfan since the early 1980’s, The Cheese Room’s own social media manager and video editor.  

Vladimir Nikogda Ne Krassny: Eastern Russia Spurs doyen, The Cheese Room’s eastern European marketing expert and sworn enemy of Americas pod pastor, Father Nick Kersten.   


PRODUCTION: The pod was produced by Mr. Jolly (and Paul Fellowes - OzSpurs); edited by Mr. Jolly; with cover design by Mr. Jolly and Luke Harper of 

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S2 E26 - Debate Pod

PLOT: We've had a week of no football but endless negative stories in the press. The Podders have taken stock of it all and give their thoughts on Poch's future and whether he is likely to turn it around. Lots of listeners questions are answered which cover players, signings, finances and more.
CREW: Franco hosts and is joined by the Harlow Globetrotter (Vienna), the Caller (Up north) and Leon Isaacs (Deepest darkest South London)
PRODUCTION: Produced, Recorded and Edited by Franco. Cover Design by Franco

S2 E25 - Just enough gloom

PLOT: After 3 fairly terrible defeats the podders try to remain upbeat.  They try and look for positives as they discuss what went wrong against Brighton, whether Poch has lost the dressing room and whether fans are right to be calling for #POCHOUT.  This is just what being a Spurs fan is all about surely?!!

CAST: Franco (London) hosts and is joined by The Harlow Globetrotter (Vienna) and Aviva Summers (Boston)

PRODUCTION: Produced and Edited by Franco.

S2 E24 - Brighter Days at Brighton?

PLOT & CREW: After a completely uneventful week... NOT... the Preview pod out of "the Americas" is back with an all Boston based crew. Dave Bolton (Boston Spurs, 90's ST holder, journo & grammarian); Beni Summers (Boston Spurs, rabbi in training, 4th gen Spurs fan) join host Aviva Summers (Atlanta Spurs social media officer; 4th gen Spurs fan) in looking ahead to Brighton this weekend. They ponder whether Brighton could pull off their first win against us since Spurs legend Gary Stevens (of the midweek Cheese Room pod) was playing for Brighton in April 1983.
Also, Aviva can't say Knockheart properly, Dave kvetches about smooth skinned Harry Winks (and says some mean stuff about him, Serge Aurier and Dele), while Beni suggests a return of the prodigal (lol) Harry Redknapp if we end up needing an interim manager. Double lolz!
PRODUCTION: The show was produced and edited by Aviva, with cover design by Aviva and Franco. 

S2 E23 - Schnell Schnell Kartoffelkopf

PLOT: Paul, HG and the Caller, who was at the game, discuss the reasons behind Tuesday's hammering -  is it the players, the formation, including the much maligned diamond, or the manager? They then talk about how we can move forward. COYS!

NB: The title of today’s episode is a reference to this incredible scene from The Blackadder with Rowan Atkinson.

CREW: Host Paul Fellowes (OzSpurs Nat Executive, 80’s-90’s season ticket holder); is joined by “the Harlow Globetrotter”, Lloyd Stiles (Vienna, 90’s ST holder); and “The Caller”, Owen Culshaw (opinion merchant and known rabble rouser from up Norf). 

PRODUCTION: The pod was produced and edited by Paul Fellowes; with cover design by Mr. Jolly.