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Summer ‘19 EP #10: A Fiery Friendly in China; Foyth & Trippier’s a Rat

PLOT: The podders discuss the Man Utd game and ask what the best things to come out of the game, and the Asian tour as a whole were; and also ruminate on why Poch apologized for our tackling? They then wonder if Foyth should be first choice RB; and whether we were definitely right to let Trippier go, especially now that he’s ratted to the press about behind-the-scenes goings on at Spurs? Mr. Jolly and Aviva are steaming about this transgression, whereas Franco and Davo are more easy going about it: What about you? How do you feel about him now? Apart from these hot topics there’s also discussions on the Dybala transfer tittle-tattle including Mr. Jolly being tricked by a fake tweet from a fake Alasdair Gold account which suggested it was a done deal, and nearly crashing his car as a result (LOL, joking); as well as talk about Toby’s release clause expiring; and Bale going to China for more money than all the tea there… Enjoy!
CAST: Host Mr. Jolly (Cheese Room founder, of the Sydney OzSpurs) is joined by Franco 'the General' Parker (ST holder, London); Aviva Summers (4th generation fan, Atlanta Spurs); and Dave Bolton (80’s/90’s ST holder, Boston Spurs).
PRODUCTION: The show was produced and edited by Mr. Jolly.

Summer ‘19 Ep #9 Juve got to be kidding Harry!!!!

PLOT: A two part special for our first friendly game of the summer against Juventus.  In Part 1 Franco and The Harlow Globetrotter review the game, discussing the youngsters, Ndombele's debut and all the main talking points including that ridiculous goal from Harry Kane.  In Part 2 Mr Jolly talks to our man on the ground, Shez Haque about the ins and outs of the game in Singapore as he gives us the inside scoop.

CREW: Franco (London, ST holder) hosts Part 1 with the Harlow Globetrotter (Vienna) giving his opinions.  In Part 2 Mr Jolly (Sydney) talks to our roving reporter Shez Haque (Singapore)

PRODUCTION: Recorded by Mr Jolly and Franco, Edited by Franco, Cover art by Franco

Summer ‘19 Ep #8: Best Signings of the Premier League Era #31-#11

PLOT: In this special episode, the Cheese Room podders count down the best signings of the PL era, from #31 to #11, as voted by almost 200 members of the Cheese Room Spurs massive via our Survey Monkey survey. They reminisce on the brilliance, big moments and the limitations of these legendary or cult hero players; compare them to similar signings for other clubs who moved in the same transfer window; and evaluate the financial value we got when they left. For some we also wonder about what might have been in different circumstances, or for current players what might be in the future. Note: Part 2 of the show, looking at the top 10 will be out in a couple of days. Hope you enjoy them? 

CAST: Cheese Room founder and bonkers host Mr. Jolly of Sydney OzSpurs, is joined by long time Spurs ST holder from London, Franco ‘the General’ Parker; as well as former 90’s/2000’s ST holder, now Boston Spurs USA doyen Dave Bolton; and very special guest ‘Man Cave Dave’ of Sydney OzSpurs fame. The show was recorded in ManCaveDave’s special garage space in western Sydney, with Franco and Davey B in the virtual studio. Special shout out to Aviva Summers of Atlanta Spurs who dropped in during the show to cover for Davo when his turtle needed an injury time-out (I kid you not!). PS. Check out the ManCaveDave's man cave here…

PRODUCTION: The show was produced, researched, and edited by Mr. Jolly, and the Cheese Room Podcasters. 

Summer ‘19 Ep #7: When Franco Met Leon (a ‘Levy Out’ fellow)

PLOT: Franco has decided to give the much misunderstood Leon Isaacs the chance to explain his dislike of Levy and also talk about his current feelings towards the clubs squad and transfer activity. Leon posts regularly on the Facebook group Glory Glory Tottenham Hotspur and is a polarizing figure. Some love him, some hate him, but none can question his devotion to the 'Levy out' cause. Have a listen as they discuss Levy's lack of ambition, how rubbish Eric Dier is, the lack of quality players on the bench and our lack of trophies under ENIC.

CREW: Franco (London) interviews GGTH legend Leon Isaacs (London)

PRODUCTION: Recorded and Edited by Franco, Cover art by Franco.

Summer ‘19 Ep #6 The Caller takes over!

PLOT: Caution has been thrown to the wind, The Caller has been given the reins after constant nagging and given the responsibility to discuss current transfer activity. The gang discuss all of the recent links and answer a few questions sent in by Cheeseheads!
CAST: Owen 'The Caller' Culshaw (Birmingham) is joined by Franco (London) and Aviva Summer (Atlanta/Boston)
PRODUCTION: Produced, Recorded and Edited by The Caller, Artwork by Mr Matthew Hookey.s

Summer ‘19 Ep #5 Ndombele Signs!!!!!

PLOT: WE'VE SIGNED SOMEONE!!!!!  SOMEONE GOOD TOO!!!!!  That's all you need to know really, the Podders come to terms with feelings long forgotten as they discuss the signing of Ndombele, what this will mean for the team, competition for places and the LEVY OUT brigade.

CAST: Franco (London) is joined by the Harlow Globetrotter (Vienna) and Aviva Summers (USA)

PRODUCTION: Produced, Recorded and Edited by Franco, Cover design by Franco

Summer ‘19 EP #4: Jack Clarke Transfer with Michael from The Square Ball

PLOT: Franco is bored out of his mind and getting frustrated that we’re yet to sign any of the 73 players we’ve been linked with so far this summer. Because of this, he’s gone and jumped the gun and decided to speak to a Leeds fan about what we can expect IF we sign young Jack Clarke (We’re 1/10 at the bookies FFS!!!). Franco talks to Michael Normanton from The Square Ball Fanzine (and Podcast) which has been in circulation since 1989! He talks about the sort of player Jack is, his best performances this season and whether he’s likely to be a success at Spurs. They then have a quick chat about the effect that Pochettino’s mentor and best buddy Bielsa has had at the Club and the similarities between the two top managers.

*Disclaimer. The Cheese Room Podcast accepts no liability for any emotional damage that may occur if we do not sign this player

Cast: Franco (London) is joined by Michael Normanton (Leeds) from The Square Ball Fanzine

PRODUCTION: The show was produced, recorded and edited by Franco; cover design by Mr Matthew Hookey and Mr Jolly of Sydney OzSpurs.

Summer 2019 Ep #3 Stadium Review

Summer 2019 Ep#3 The Stadium Review Pod
PLOT: Now that the dust has settled after another incredible season, the Cheese Room podders have decided to collect their thoughts regarding the new WHL. In this stadium review, our regular match attendees go deep and discuss every aspect of the match day experience at the new ground. The boys praise the design and aesthetics before talking about the important stuff, the food & drink and the atmosphere!! The Caller also gives us an in depth report on his favorite food choices and a special report on the new toilets, Simon gives us his tips on getting a beer at half time and Franco expresses his delight that the atmosphere in the wall is as good as he could have hoped for!
CREW: Franco hosts and is joined by fellow season ticket holder Mr Simon J Burrows, regular match goer and concourse reveller Owen ‘the caller’ Culshaw joins them from his man cave somewhere up north
PRODUCTION: Produced, Recorded and Edited by Franco. Cover design by Franco

Summer ‘19 EP #2: Fixtures; transfer rumours; Marcus Edwards & Youth

PLOT: With Mr Jolly is still recovering from his escapades in Madrid, Franco again leads the Cheese Room Podders as they discuss next seasons Fixture list.  They explore the relative difficulty of the opening and closing fixtures, as well as looking at the fixtures around the Champions league ties and how this is likely to affect our European run.

The crew also look at current transfer rumours and consider what opportunities will be available to Marcus Edwards and other youth next season.

CREW: Franco (long time ST holder / away fan) in London is joined by Aviva Summers, social media manager of Atlanta Spurs; head analyst, “The Harlow Globetrotter”, Lloyd from Vienna; and the indefatigable season ticket holder, Simon J. Burrows from the London.

PRODUCTION: The show was produced, recorded and edited by Franco; cover design by Mr Hookey, from a Mr. Jolly concept.







Summer ‘19 EP #1: Wheeler Dealers - Defenders; Lo Celso; Draxler; Rose

Plot: Host and transfer target specialist The General” Franco Parker (ST holder), just back from his holiday in Spain, and the Champions League final, gets straight into discussing potential transfer targets. Hopeful speculation and lots of opinions on who should come in and go out here, on this second installment of our summer transfer pods. The team discuss who could replace Trippier or Aurier (depending on who you’d like to see the back of most), as well as looking at potential home grown CB replacements for Toby if he does actually leave this summer. Additionally, current rumours from this week, including Lo Celso, Draxler and yet another Danny Rose interview are scrutinised.

Crew: Franco is joined by a multinational, and multilingual crew of podders made up of Aviva Summers, social media manager of Atlanta Spurs (4th generation Spurs supporter whose great grandad went to the Lane in the 1910’s / 20’s); “the Harlow Globetrotter” Lloyd Stiles from Vienna (ex-commentator and head analyst in the Cheese Room); and the lovable serial pest and opinion merchant, a.k.a “the Caller”, Owen Culshaw from ‘up north’.

PRODUCTION: The show was produced, recorded and edited by Franco; cover art and design by Mr. Jolly. 

The pod contains samples from Ja_passat_el_temps by the Silvia Tomas Trio which is licensed under CC BY 3.0